One on One Mentoring

Your Journey to Emotional Wellbeing

Taking care of yourself so you can fill your place in the world without burning out. 


Do you sometimes feel so overwhelmed in this busy modern world? Like there’s never enough time for everything that is demanded of you? Like you’re running around trying to keep up. Just looking at your list of deadlines and commitments makes you exhausted.

You think back to your younger self with all your hopes and dreams and wonder how you wound up in this cycle of responding to other people’s expectations of you, when in reality you want to be in charge. You want to feel good, relaxed, connected to your own body and in tune with your inner desires. You want to express yourself freely and define what a good life means to you.

Even stuff we feel passionate about can break us if we don’t make sure to create healthy habits and set clear boundaries.


Do you find it hard to:

Say no?
Make time for rest?
Set clear boundaries?
Find motivation?
Silence the nervous chatter in your mind?
Express yourself fully? 
Feel joy?

I know that the hardest part when you are stressed, feel lost and overwhelmed is to actually make time and to reach out for support. However this is the time when we need it the most. If you in any way feel compelled to do things differently, I invite you to reach out. I'm here to support and guide you. 

You will learn:

Tangible tools to release stress and pressure
To prioritize
To take care of yourself and your needs
To understand the language of your own body
To deal with your emotions
Uncover your natural cycle of rest and action
Define your own definition of success
Access your inner voice
To express yourself fully

How can I help you?

In 2013 burnout hit me hard. I had neglected listening to my own needs and to my own body even though it was telling me louder and louder to slow down. To listen. Pause. Do things differently. I collapsed into a heavy sense of fatigue while also discovering that I had various cysts in my chest - one of them was complicated and might had to be removed if it didn’t diminish. I was alone in a foreign country, scared, overwhelmed and needing care. The healthcare system didn’t offer any support. Luckily, I was surrounded by holistic health practitioners. Slowly but steadily with the wisdom of mind and body practices, support from a gentle community, help from a life coach and more I allowed myself to rest and rebuild. Eventually regaining a sense of wellbeing, curiosity and desire.

You don’t have to get to where I was before you start making changes. I’m here to help you steer and navigate your own life into balance and fulfillment in this world that demands so much of us.

Methods and tools

I draw on a vast range of tools and methods that I’ve worked with myself. I only teach what I’ve found valuable and useful. My tools and methods include: breathing exercises, somatic exercises, mindfulness practices, guided meditation, holding space for deep inquiry, insight into cyclical living, nature’s wisdom and how to apply it, coaching, creative expression and movement.


Are you ready?

This is for you if you’re ready to make changes in your life. You want to do things differently, and you want to learn. Being in a place where we desire change can feel vulnerable, tender and scary, no doubt about that - the most important thing is that you are open to looking within and to try new ways. Together we will go deep and explore who you are and what you need. I will support you on this journey towards emotional wellbeing with care, kindness and truth. 

3 Months Mentoring includes:

A 90-minutes foundational session where we dive deep
2x 60 minutes mentoring sessions per month during three months
Unlimited email support
Personalized recorded exercises to help you in between calls
Access to music playlists so you can move and release emotions

Price: 750 Euro - Payment plans are available

* All mentoring sessions happen ONLINE via Zoom video calls. *

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Filling out the form below is the first step in our journey together. Once I've read your application I will email you to schedule a complimentary 30-minutes session where will connect to set the framework for our work together.

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What people have said about working with me


"My sessions with Luise have profoundly changed me. With her I learned to pay subtle attention to my mind and body, which brought such a powerful healing for me… Her guidance not only helped me with questions that came up during each session, but provided me with the tools to direct me in different life situations – tools I take with me on my own further journey. When being heard and seen by her kind and full attention, I started to weep, and I finally learned to accept myself as well.

 — Fumiko Weny Tsuji, Japan



“I am very grateful to have met Luise! It was a great pleasure each time we had our sessions, and I always felt very good afterward. I have grown deep inside and learnt a lot about myself: I’ve become more conscious, more connected to my body, and got a better understanding of my behavioral patterns and learned how to deal with my emotions. The program helped me integrate new insights and make a real change in my life. Luise is a great listener, I felt very safe sharing with her and she always had great advice with practical & easy exercises that you can use in your daily life. It really made a long term difference in my life. Thank you Luise!”

— Capucine Eveno, France



"Luise is a great listener and excellent at understanding the state of mind and current situation of the participants. I love that Luise is using her broad experiences within mindfulness, coaching, meditation and qi gong in her teachings.

— Kristina Strandby, Denmark





"Luise is actually a former client of mine from a few years back and we have stayed in touch since then so I’ve had the privilege to get to know Luise over the past years and watch her growth. I can say without reservation that what she does is truly healing and transformative on a deep level. While she has a very unique ability to listen and reflect what people may not see on the surface, I think it is her calm energy and her ability to hold space for deep contemplation that makes her the most special."

— Caroline Zwickson, USA