The grass is greener wherever you are, if you pay attention

Lately I’ve been noticing how my mind loves to sabotage my life, if I allow it to.

As I sat quietly in a monastery in between mountains in northern Thailand, I had a close encounter with the voice of ‘never enough’.

I’m sure you know it too. It’s this voice with an ever-present ability to suggest; “If I only had [insert whatever is different from what you have in this moment] I’d be happy”, or if I just did / go to / experience… I’d be happy. 

It’s quite easy to caught up with this voice, and let it feed a sense of dissatisfaction.

I noticed I had allowed it to become very loud by engaging too much with these kinds of thoughts. In my experience the more you engage with it, the louder it speaks, and the more frequent it appears. 

As with most of our internal voices (the inner critic is another example) it doesn’t really work to try to shut them down with force. What works is to identify the voice, so you are aware when it speaks, and then consciously choose not to engage with it. 

Another great antidote is to become fully present in the body, in this moment; breathing, sensing and feeling. 


Wherever you are, I invite you to

•    Take a deep breath
•    Sense your body
•    Notice how it feels
•    Pay attention to your surroundings
•    What do you see? Look at the colors, the shapes
•    What do you smell? 
•    What do you hear? 
•    How does the air feel?
•    From a place of curiosity explore this exact moment
•    If your mind wants to judge good/bad, just let it be, and don’t engage with it
•    Connect to a sense of gratitude. For being alive right now, for being able to see and experience whatever you are experiencing


I find this practice very useful to disempower the voice of 'never enough', which leads you to believe that the grass is always greener somewhere else. When in reality the richness is right here, if we make an effort to see it. 


“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.”
R.W. Emerson


I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.