Stop missing out on life before you die

A pretty dramatic headline, I know. However, it’s easy to forget and go about life as if we just need to get to that one place and then we can really live life fully.
Well, one of my own biggest realizations has been that you’ll never reach that destination.
We somehow think we will, and it’s that thought, which makes us miss out on what is.
Ever since we’re young, life seems to be mapped out in a linear way; you go through primary school, middle school, high school, maybe onto university, then you land a real job. For a long time that was my perspective, and once I got to one place, I was already looking for the next step that would get me closer to arriving there.
That place just doesn’t exist.


As long as we’re living and focusing on getting to the next place we’re missing out on life.
The mind is such a powerful force, and it’s easy to get lost in the projections about the future, the desires of a slightly different reality, or the promises of an easier or more exciting life.
I’m not talking about not setting goals or having visions. Or using the mind to create and to solve problems.
But I’m urging you and me to experience and appreciate what is right here right now. 

  • When you shower, do you feel the water on your skin?
  • When you eat, do you really taste and appreciate the food?
  • When you go for a walk, do you see the flickering light on the leaves as the wind blows through the trees?
  • When you spend time with loved ones, are you really there; listening, seeing them, and sharing yourself?
  • When you meet a stranger, do you take time to see that whole person, who, just like you, has a beating heart? 


I regularly get lost in ‘if just’ and ‘when only’, but the most important practice is to be here now. Yes, there are many other benefits to practicing mindfulness, but when all comes down to all if we don’t experience the life we’re living, then what do we even experience?
Pause a moment now and take a deep breath, notice your own body and the space that you’re in; what do you feel, see, smell, and hear? If you care to share, I’d love to hear about it. Tell me in the comments below what you noticed.

Stay present. 

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