Hey there, my name is Luise, I'm here to help you fulfill your potential without burning out.

 Is this you?

You easily get stuck in your head, overthinking and feeling overwhelmed.

You often don’t really feel or listen to your body

You hold back from fully expressing yourself.

You know now that you have your own answers, but you still seem to doubt yourself.

and you tend to go through the days on autopilot not paying attention to your own needs...

Well what if I told you it doesn't have to be like that?


During the last six years I’ve transformed my life by transforming myself. I’ve spent more than 4500 hours immersed in mind and body practices, eventually teaching and facilitating for others. Along the way I’ve developed my own method to support people in their transformation.

With the mentoring program Your Journey to Emotional Wellbeing I draw on a vast experience to support you to create deep lasting change from the inside out.


This is my story in a few paragraphs

Burnout hit me hard when I was in my early 30s. I had just relocated to Thailand in search of a different kind of life only to discover deep physical and emotional pain. I began a healing journey back to myself, with the support of a community and ancient practices. Prioritizing well-being above all I'm now passionate about supporting people to stay balanced while fulfilling their potential.


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