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We live in a time of mental overwhelm and physical, emotional and spiritual disconnection. It’ so easy to get sucked into the general notion of valuing doing over being and pushing ourselves beyond limits in order to pursue achievements. Many of us neglect our wellbeing and overlook the signals of our body simply to do more and stay on top with the demands we experience.

That’s exactly what I did. Operating as a perfectionist and with a passion for my work I crashed with a burnout back in 2012. Having slowly built myself up and learnt invaluable tools, I’m now an advocate for learning to take care of oneself and tend to both our inner needs and outer abilities.

Through somatic exercises, mindfulness practices and coaching I support women go from being stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected and living a reactive life to being in touch with their own body, needs and desires.

The results being having deeper and more meaningful relationships, connecting to your own values, defining what success means to you, making space for creative expression and living in tune with nature and the natural cycles of your body.

I wish more than anything that you get to share your gifts, to fulfill your potential and take care of yourself so you can live a good life.


Start by understanding how the mind works

In order to regulate our internal sense of pressure we need to understand how the mind works. It’s natural ability is to think, but the problem occurs when we get completely sucked into our thoughts and we can’t discern when they are useful and when they aren’t. Here’s a simple free guide to get your started in taking your power back.

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By learning mindfulness practices and techniques you can alleviate stress, learn to process challenging emotions, and find more peace and flow in life.

I offer classes for individuals and small groups online.

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I know that the hardest part when you are stressed, feel lost and overwhelmed is to actually make time and to reach out for support. However this is the time when we need it the most. I’m here to help you steer and navigate your own life into balance and fulfillment in this world that demands so much of us.

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FIND SUpport THROUGH community

The power of being seen, held and witnessed in a loving way is not to be underrated. As modern beings we often undervalue how much wellbeing and healing we can experience through coming together. In our online Women’s Circle we host a sacred space for women to gather and be real together.

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IMMERSe yourself: WOMEN’s retreat

Do you crave deep connection to your stillness and sensuality in the company of other wildhearted sisters? By turning to our bodies, to breath, to movement and to nature we return home. Home to being. Completely as we are. Whole. Still. Powerful. Join the Women’s Retreat in Spain, June 7-13, 2020.

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ONLINE COURSE on stillness & Sensuality

Are you ready get to know yourself on a deep level and to get tools to help you step fully into your personal power?  In this 12-week journey to freedom, pleasure and possibility you will be guided connect to deeply to your body, your female essence, your playfulness, your power, your voice and your self-expression. This course is delivered as self-study and you can start anytime.

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Hi, I’m Luise

During the last six years I’ve transformed my life by transforming myself. I’ve spent more than 4500 hours immersed in mind and body practices, eventually teaching and facilitating for others.

I believe that we all hold a unique gift that we are here to share with the world. Just like a tree needs to root deeply in order to stand tall and expand widely, we need to go inwards in order to expand outwards. If we learn to master our inner world we can create a joyful and fulfilling life.

How can I serve you? I’d love to know, drop me a line at luise@luisejorgensen.com and tell me what feels most challenging in your life right now?

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“Nature expresses itself in balance and purpose” - and we are nature too.



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