This is a sacred space for women to gather and be real together – the kind of space we all long for; one where we can share, laugh, cry and celebrate together, where everything is welcome, where we find recognition, understanding, and healing. 


It’s a space in which we are witnessed with unconditional love, where it’s safe to explore that which feels scary to engage with alone, where we can relax and be with our messiness and rawness and the real life rage, beauty and confusion that is being a woman, now.

The circle is co-facilitated with Steph Lisa Kelly with whom I also run regular women's retreats.

We use somatic practices, pair exercises and guided meditations as we weave the circle. It’s an LGBTQ+ welcoming space; we invite anyone who identifies as female to join us. Our intention is to create the same kind of circle that we hold on our retreats, on an ongoing basis.

We meet every two weeks online – you’ll be sent an access link when you join. This is a subscription event because we want to create a safe space where women get to know each other and we can sink in deeper – you can cancel your subscription at any time. Check the Facebook event to see upcoming dates.

Monthly payment €30 / $35

Retreat testimonial


“One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home from this wonderful retreat was to tell all the women in my life that they MUST experience this for themselves. The space, energy and feeling of warmth and safety that Steph and Luise created for us in Spain was nothing short of magical. To be able to share your deepest fears, thoughts, wounds with gorgeous, strong women and to receive nothing but love and support in return was so special. To be able to support and love these women like you know they deserve, although they cannot always see it (just like all of us) was even more special. I will forever cherish those few days in Spain and hold these women in a special place in my heart.”

– Amandine Ayala