GROUP SESSIONS - DANCEmandala, Meditation & Qi Gong

The body and breath is our gateway to being present. By using movement we create space allowing emotions and states to take their natural ebb and flow through the body. We can feel into places of expansion and contraction, and connect to what is alive in us right this moment, express and support transformation.



With free-form movement, music, sound vibration and gentle guided instruction we encourage authentic movement and creative expression. Set your body free and explore movement.

DANCEmandala was founded by AK Tri-Siddha:  “To dance is to live fully alive in the body and in the heart”.




When we connect the mind and body we become fully present. Breathe in, breathe out. We can use stilness and movement to connect to our own existence. 

“Luise has such a beautiful and soothing voice, I actually couldn’t imagine a more perfect one for a guided meditation. ” — Lisa Taylor, UK

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Qi Gong - mindful movement

In Qi Gong the movements are slow and forceful, and the intention is to connect the motion with the awareness of the mind, and thereby become fully present in the moment.

The foundation of the style developed at Thai Qi Holistics, where I've trained, is The Seven Static Poses; a series of powerful exercises combining movement, breath and awareness.

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