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Self-Care - A Guided Body Scan


Stop fighting your body with negative talk, pressure or self-loathing. Our relation to our body is a fundamental part of the relation we have with ourselves.

In this audio you'll be guided to be with your body and express gratitude to it. Take an easy step to greater self-care now.

Mindful Photography.jpg

7 Days of Mindful Photography 


Connect to yourself and the world through photography.

Every day I'll send you a photo prompt to explore, see and photograph.

The aim is to pause and bring increased presence, creativity and awareness into your life. Let's do it together!



5-Step Miniguide to Spark Creative Expression


As children we are naturally creative and curious. Tap into your self through creative expression.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll share with you 5 ways you can reconnect to yourself with creativity. You will find simple but effective ways to get in the flow and just plainly have fun.