With free-form movement, music, sound vibration and gentle guided instruction we encourage authentic movement and creative expression. Set your body free and explore movement.

DANCEmandala was founded by AK Tri-Siddha: 

To dance is to live fully alive in the body and in the heart”.

Weekly classes, Tuesday 18:00 at Yoga Flow Valencia. (Drop in 15 Euro. See their website for all price options)

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Wednesday 27th of June – Sunday 1st of July 2018

Do you crave deep connection to your stillness, wisdom and sensuality in the company of a tribe of wildhearted sisters? My dear friend Steph Lisa Kelly and I are creating just that. Join us and read full details here...






Cultivate self-love with movement and deep self-inquiry

This workshop is about befriending yourself with all there is. It's about taking care of yourself, and reaching greater self-acceptance. 

With a mix of movement exercises and guided self-exploration you will get a deeper understanding of the mind patterns that might be holding you in a space of unworthiness, and we will explore how to deal with strong emotions. You will get a space to connect to your authentic self and be invited to lean into our common humanity as we go on this journey together.

Introduction to Mindfulness through Photography

This workshop introduces mindfulness through practical exercises, and we use photography to experiment in a creative and joyful way. 

You will be guided to connect to your body in the moment, and you will be challenged to enter a state of flow by immersing yourself into your surroundings. It is not about learning photo techniques per se but about opening up to really seeing and deepening your experience. 




DANCEmandala & Qi Gong, Yoga Flow Valencia, Spain

DANCEmandala, Praxis für Heilkunde, Berlin, Germany

Qi Gong Mindful Movement, Praxis für Heilkunde, Berlin, Germany

Workshop: Mindfulness & Photography, Banyantree21 Addiction Treatment Center, Thailand

Intro to Meditation, Banyantree21 Addiction Treatment Center, Thailand

DANCEmandala, Qi Gong & Creative Expression, New Life Foundation, Chiang Rai, Thailand

DANCEmandala, Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Workshop: Mindfulness & Photography, Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Workshop: Befriend Yourself. A Journey Towards Self-Love, Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand

DANCEmandala, Yoga Elements Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

Qi Gong, Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Qi Gong, Københavns Yoga, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mindful Morning, Københavns Yoga, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mindful Morning, Zurich, Switzerland

Qi Gong Immersion, Københavns Yoga, Copenhagen, Denmark