At the heart of every transformation lies the courage to ask for support. 

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Clarity Session

When we get clear on what we want, how we feel and what we need, we're empowered to take action that is in alignment with ourselves. If you want to experience the inner power that can come from having greater clarity this is a session for you. 

Are you feeling stuck?
Disconnected without knowing why?
Frustrated because you don’t know what you want? 
Are you feeling unclear in a personal relationship? 
Or uncertain about the next step to take?

Investment: 90 Euro 

How, what, when: The session will be held online via video chat. Prior to the session I'll send you a short questionnaire to get the process starting.

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Powerful You Program 

Unravel the barriers that stop you from living in alignment with yourself. This three month program is for you when you're ready to go deep and create lasting changes. We uncover issues that might cause stress, pressure, lack of personal power, disconnection, fear, and blockages, and we implement new ways of relating to yourself and your surroundings.

Investment: 600 Euros

How, what, when: 3 month support including 3x2 sessions of 60 min, guided audios + email support.


TeamUp Coaching Mindfulness Group Program

Lasting life change happens when you have the support and motivation of real people working together for profound personal growth. That’s TeamUp Triad coaching. It supports practical, real-life action. Here’s how it works. You are teamed up with two skillfully selected participants and a qualified facilitator. This is your Triad. You meet weekly, online for 90-minutes using Skype or FaceTime.

You'll discover new ways of being and create what we call a ‘practice’ to incorporate these new behaviors into your daily life.