Hey there, I’m Luise, I'm a somatic mindfulness coach, and I'm delighted you're here!

It’s my mission to support women to embody their personal power so they can live a fully expressed, wholehearted and meaningful life. 

I work with people all over the world, and can't wait to connect more with you. 


Find freedom

In every moment there’s so much richness to experience if we are truly present, but the nature of our mind often stands in our way. We think about the past and plan the future. Our thoughts race on high speed and we just follow them. Without knowing it we have disconnected from our body and our senses, and the life we experience is a very diminished version of what could be.

First step is to discover that we are not the thoughts in our mind, we are the one who listens, and we actually have a choice about whether we want to listen or not. It’s such a powerful insight.

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An invitation

The journey to a life with joy and fulfillment is an inner journey. When we get to know ourselves, learn to befriend ourselves and understand our own needs, we step into our personal power.

We’ll experience a sense of peace, and even when emotions arrive, circumstances change and life happens, we’re able to recalibrate and center ourselves anew. We’ll discover that anything we truly need is already here, and that we are capable of tending to ourselves.

Our greatest ally in life is our body. By using our senses, moving our bodies and learning to listen, we can return to a life of being. Being present, being here, being open, being free. 

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