Step into your personal power now


Hey there, I’m Luise, an Embodied Mindfulness Coach guiding women through coaching, movement and meditation.

It’s my mission to support women to embody their personal power so they can live a fully expressed, wholehearted and meaningful life. 


My own personal journey has taught me how to do this: I know how powerful you can feel with just a few changes. 

I can support you to

  • Give yourself more love
  • Trust yourself
  • Get out of your head
  • Connect to your body
  • Listen to and express your own needs
  • Feel more powerful & peaceful

...because I’ve learned to do these things for myself. 

I hold space for people to experience deep self-inquiry. Through key personal development practices, I guide you to access what's within.

Our sessions together will empower you to guide yourself from within & learn to integrate these practices into daily life.

More than anything, I want you to feel powerful, connected and in peace!